1 year on....

(Above) This one's of Zeus on his special lounge. A few months ago, we bought a
new lounge and the old one was going to a friend. As it happened, it was
too big for her place and while we procrastinated over selling it on
e-bay (way too high tech for me) it sat on the back deck. By the time we
decided what to do with it, it was too late - Zeus had commandeered his
very own 3 seater...

(Right) Zeus has a favourite tub chair at our favourite holiday rental. Being the gorgeous thing that he is, he dutifully vacates the chair on command...only to resume his seat when we're not looking... :)

November 29th, 2011

Hi Gail

It's been along time. Hope you're well. Often think about you and the incredible gift you've given us.

Zeus is as gorgeous as ever!!!! and continues to be an excellent ambassador for Ingenue. The other day while in the local café coffee queue, Zeus was in the drop position (does this spontaneously when he senses "doggie" people around) waiting patiently for the inevitable positive attention from another human...on this occasion, he "reeled" in a woman who had an 8month old BC at home. After comparing BC stories, we realised that we were both your clients. I didn't catch her name, but this is her 2nd pup from you...a small world.

Zeus loves the Blackwattle Bay walk and we do it at least 4 times a week. It's such a pleasure taking him, unlike our human child who needs instructions repeated, in most instances, Zeus follows instructions beautifully - comes, changes directions, waits, etc and spontaneously checks in with us at perfect intervals. He's been frightened by one too many yapping little terriers and tends to be a bit of a woos around some dogs, but that just makes him even more adorable. Interestingly, he's never nervous around dogs he meets on the South Coast.

Although it's been another hectic year, we've managed to get to the south coast quite a few times. Zeus absolutely loves it. He's an excellent traveller, loves the walks, beach and, of course, extra human attention, especially from local shopkeepers who've known him since he was 3 months old!

I'm finally able to send some recent photos, thanks to Alexander, who, being a 'tween (going to high school next year) has all the 'essential' e-accessories and is significantly more IT literate than me...

In this photo, Zeus is asleep by the back door - likes that position because he can keep an ear open for the neighbours' roller door and kids...

I'll send a few more photos in separate emails.

If you're around, we'd love to bring Zeus for a visit over the summer break.


INGENUE The Magician Whelped 16/10/2009

.....Zeus continues to be your greatest advertisement both re looks and
temperament - we could be biased but he's the most beautiful and best
natured dog we've ever come across...

Patricia (Alexander's Mum)