An Early video of Ziggy and Gwyn

A few more Ziggy photos

Million Paws


A Very Tired Puppy

Just being a pup

Ziggy Graduates from Puppy School

On Monday 7-02-2011 Ziggy finished her puppy school with 'Positive Puppies' - Run by the lovely Sue Dingwall.
Ziggy now has a great range of tricks including;
  • sit
  • down
  • stand
  • leave it
  • come
  • focus - eye contact
  • spin (left and right)
  • shake handsĀ (left and right)
  • Roll over
  • nose targeting
  • Close it - shut the cupboard door
  • as well as a release word 'ok'
Yay for Ziggy!!

(I love the way she seems to be reading her graduation certificate in this photo!)

Family meetings


Mud glorious mud!

Nine and a half weeks

INGNEUE Belle Amour - 8 weeks